Let’s Culinary While Visiting Lombok Island!

While visiting a certain place, it will not be perfect if you don’t get culinary and taste how delicious the traditional food is. If you want to go holiday, the other things you should consider is where the place you can visit to try their traditional food. It will be your choices whether you want to taste it or not. However, if you don’t taste any kind of foods there, it seems like your holiday with no perfect word on it. As if you want to go holiday in Lombok Island, you should find out what kind of traditional foods that you can taste.

While you have found out first about what kind of traditional foods in Lombok Island, it will make you can decide about what kind of traditional foods that you can taste, all of them or just some of them. It depends on your favorite food well. There are 8 traditional foods that you can taste:

  1. PlecingKangkung is very popular dish in Lombok as a daily dish which you can eat together with rice. It consists of boiled Kangkung served with fresh shrimp, chili sauce, sprouts, lime, nuts and tomato on it. You should try it while you having meal time.
  2. The next traditional food that you can try is Grilled Taliwang Chicken. It is your best dish for meal time because every tourist looks for this chicken. The appearance look of the dish is like the usual grilled chicken but if you have tasted it, you can feel the difference taste of grilled one.
  3. If you want to taste different Satay, you can choose Sate IkanTanjung or Fish Satay. You will get pieces of tuna or snapper mixed with chili paper, garlic, spices, lemongrass, and coconut milk and stick it to the skewer and grilled it.
  4. If you want to have meal time, you can try NasiPuyung as your dish. It is kind of white rice with chopped chicken, fried grated coconut, soya fries, and chili wrapped in banana leaves.
  5. If you want to visit Rembiga Village which is located in Selaparang, Mataram, you should try Satay Rembiga which can be their village dishes that you should not miss. You can get grilled beef cubes in skewers served with hot spicy sauce on it.
  6. Bebalung also means ribs. It is made from goats or vows ribs served as common soup but by using the traditional seasoning blends, the meat in the bones are soft. It serves with plain rice, chili and lemon to make it tastier.
  7. If you want to get another Satay option, you can choose this Pusut satay which made from meat, seasoning, and coconut.
  8. Ares or BatangPisang or Banana Stem is a kind of curry dishes that you can taste while visiting Lombok. It is made from banana stem, with special seasoning of coconut milk and mixed it with fish, beef or chicken.

Those are the traditional foods in Lombok Island that you can try while visiting this island. You can taste their foods and enjoy it.

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