Some References of Thrilling Adventures in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the famous province in Indonesia. This province has a lot of great things to find. Of course, this is also perfect place for vacation. There are many awesome destinations to go in Yogyakarta. This province combines the great history, local cultural heritages, and awesome natural views as the tourism objects. In this case, for travelers who want to have thrilling adventures in Yogyakarta, there are also some alternative places to go. They do not need to worry about their satisfaction, since they will be satisfied with all of the thrilling adventures offered by this town. First, it is about riding a jeep to Merapi. Merapi is the active volcano in Yogyakarta and this is also one of the special landmark in this province. Merapi itself has erupted several times and after the latest eruption, there is special occasion to have adventure on the rocky landscape as the results of the eruption. While riding the jeep, tourists can see the results of the eruption in the surrounding villages and the landscape. There are also some interesting spots such as bunker, museum of the Merapi eruption and other things to feel the effect of the eruption.

Then, if riding jeep to the Mount Merapi is not enough, there is still other alternative of thrilling adventures in Yogyakarta. It is to go to Jomblang cave. This is totally great chance for travelers and tourists who love adventure. This is a natural cave with a dark tunnels. In this cave, travelers will get the chance to walk and explore in the inside of the cave. Of course, slippery and muddy floor of the cave will be special things to find as the obstacles. In this case, after walking through the dark tunnel, travelers will reach the other side of the tunnel. It is an awesome place where the roof of the cave provides travelers with awesome lights pouring down. This can be awesome spots to take some pictures. The breathtaking view of this lights will be great experience.

If those are still not enough, travelers still can enjoy the other spots offered by this province. Yogyakarta still has a lot of thrilling adventures to explore. In this case, they can enjoy exploring thrilling adventures in Yogyakarta in other alternative destinations.

  • Pindul cave is the other destination to explore. This cave is special since this cave has a river flowing inside the cave. It means that travelers will enter and explore the cave on a tube. Travelers will be guided to explore along the river flowing inside the cave. Of course, views of stalactites and stalagmites will be awesome view. Inside the cave, it is totally dark, so travelers will depend on the lighting brought by the guide. There is also special spot for swimming in the other side of the cave.
  • For more adrenaline, there is Timang Beach. This beach is totally awesome with its gondola. There is gondola made by the local people around the beach. Of course, travelers can also try to ride the gondola and reach the coral land located in the midst of the sea. The sensation of riding this gondola will be unforgettable and of course, adrenaline will be boosted.


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